Parenting Class

Parenting With Love and Logic Classes:

Bellow are the dates and topics to be discussed. The class is offered to all Northwood families, neighbors, and friends at no charge. Please purchase your Love and Logic book at your nearest bookstore or online. We will have the workbooks for sale at the school for $15.00. We look forward to seeing you!

Dates and Topics:

Thursday, October 19th: Setting Your Goals and Montessori In Your Home
– Setting Your Goals
– Needs and Tendencies
– Sensitive Periods of the Child
– Montessori in The Home

Thursday, October 26th: Handling Misbehavior without Breaking a Sweat
– Introduction to Love and Logic
– “I liked You Better Before Love and Logic”
– “Go Brain Dead”
– Empathy: The Most Important Skill

Thursday, November 2nd: Teaching Children to listen… The First Time
– “Remove Offending Object”

Thursday, November 9th: Avoiding Power Struggles
– Parenting Does Not Have To Be Complicated
– Guidelines For Sharing Control
– There is No Substitute For Love

Thursday, November 16th: Modeling, setting limits, and avoiding unwinnable battles
– Turning Words Into Gold
– No More Morning Hassles
– Why Limits Will Not Work Without Relationships

Thursday, November 30th: Strategic Training Session
– Delaying Consequences. What Might Go Wrong
– Energy Drain
– Preparing For An Energy Drain

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