Frequently Asked Questions

What is Montessori?
Montessori is an internationally recognized method of education formulated by a physician, Dr. Maria Montessori. In the Montessori classroom each child develops in a noncompetitive atmosphere as the teacher carefully guides the development of academic and social skills at the child’s own pace. Our classrooms are designed to promote the child’s natural desire to learn, and to encourage independence and self confidence.

Is Montessori for everyone?
Since the program is completely individualized, every child’s needs can be met based on their own development.

What age is best for beginning Montessori?
Children at 18 months are ready to take advantage of the specially designed materials in the classroom and to enjoy the social opportunities of group activities.

Are all schools using the name “Montessori” the same? Are they all accredited?
While the name Montessori may be used by anyone, the educational standards, teacher training, and materials employed may vary widely. Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is an organization begun by Dr. Montessori to insure continued high standards in Montessori schools. Northwood is an AMI accredited, non profit school.

What is required for AMI accreditation?
To be eligible for accreditation, all teachers must have completed the rigorous AMI training course. Each classroom must be equipped with special materials and well maintained. Annual certification is contingent on periodic observations and consultations by the international organization (AMI).

How will my child adjust to elementary school after leaving Northwood?
Because children develop self-confidence, inner discipline, and independence in the Montessori classroom, the transition to elementary school is usually a smooth and positive experience. To simplify this transition, Northwood teachers familiarize themselves with local school curriculum and prepare each child to meet the specific standards of the school to be attended.

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