Toddler Program Curriculum

2014-04-22-08.40.33The aim of the toddler class is to meet the needs of the child from 18 months to 36 months by providing an ordered, nurturing environment in which the very young child can grow and learn. Our program focuses on providing a secure, warm and accepting atmosphere that will assist children in all aspects of their development during these important growing years.

Our attention is on the whole child, including the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of each toddler. The prepared environment is in response to the following needs of the young child:

  • The Need for Movement: The classroom is a safe, child-centered environment inside and outside in which the child can safely grow, explore and seek his/her own answers. Children are free to interact with each other, work together or be by themselves.
  • The Need for Language Development: The children experience an introduction to the use of language in the interaction with other children and with caring adults. There is great emphasis on language development.
  • The Need for Love and Security: The children will experience close and caring supervision at all times by well- trained and nurturing adults.
  • The Need for Order: The environment is arranged so that orderliness and the means to achieve it are easily apparent to each child. Everything is designed so the child can be successful in learning to work and play.
  • The Need for Discipline: The schedule provides a carefully structured time organized with the aim of fostering consideration, courtesy and respect for the rights of others.
  • The Need for Independence: Practical Life activities help to develop coordination, concentration, a sense of order and greater independence. Some of the activities include pouring, spooning, polishing and dressing one’s self.