History of Northwood Montessori School

In 1975 a dedicated group of parents established and financed the beginning of our school, purchased our beautiful rural setting, and began the work of building a true Montessori school. Our first students are now young adults, some with their own children attending Northwood.

At its inception, Northwood Montessori was a parent-operated, non-profit school with a board of directors elected from enrolled families. This format served the school well for many years. As the school grew, a need for on-site administration became necessary. In 1985 the AMI faculty submitted a proposal to change the by-laws creating a staff-operated, non-profit school, with a board of directors consisting of up to three Association Montessori Internationale teachers and three members from the community at large, which are permanent board positions. Additionally, one parent member is elected by the parents for a two-year term.

We continue to be thankful for the foresight and sacrifices of those first pioneers. We have a trust and responsibility to carry on their vision of a school that enables children to develop self-confidence, independence, inner discipline and a love of learning. Our strength continues to be our focus on Dr. Montessori’s vision.