Prospective Parents  FAQ


Do you provide transportation?
Northwood Montessori does not provide transportation.
Do you provide lunches?
Children bring their own lunches from home. Each classroom has a microwave to warm up food prepared at home.
Do you provide snacks?
The children have a healthy snack and drink  each morning. Our families take turns providing snack for the classroom.
Is there a uniform?
There is no school uniform. Play clothes are encouraged.
Are there any additional charges?
Supply Fees are billed twice annually in September and February. There is an annual AMI fee for each child of $20. There is an additional charge for Winter Party and school pictures but participation is optional.
Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school?
Each parent is a vital part of the school  organization as a whole. There are opportunities throughout the year to participate including planning school-wide parties, fundraising, sewing, carpentry, gardening and material making. A sign-up sheet is available upon enrollment. There are many ways for parents to become involved at Northwood Montessori.
Do you issue grades or report cards?
We do not issue grades or report cards. However we are happy to provide a letter for parents to share with the receiving school upon completion of the Kindergarten year.
How do I know how my child is doing in the classroom?
There are two scheduled observations during the school year in October and April. Parents are always welcome at school.
Are all the classrooms the same?
Yes, all three primary classrooms are equipped with approved materials.
Are there opportunities for socialization with other parents?
We have several social gatherings throughout the year. We host a Parent-Teacher Pot-Luck, an International Festival, Winter Party, Spring Festival and annual fund-raiser. The school also offers a parenting course each year in the Fall. The course meets once weekly for 6 weeks at the school. All parents and interested friends or relatives are welcome to attend. The classes are free and we strongly encourage all parents to attend.
Where do alumni go on leaving Northwood Montessori?
The majority of our children attend the local neighborhood public school. However we have several children each year who attend area private schools or a Montessori school with a lower elementary program.
How will my child adjust to elementary school after leaving Northwood Montessori?
Because children develop self-confidence, inner discipline, and independence in the Montessori classroom, the transition to elementary school is usually a smooth and positive experience. To simplify this transition, Northwood teachers familiarize themselves with local school curriculum and prepare each child to meet the specific standards of the school to be attended.
How does a teacher of an alumni child know where he is academically?
Teachers at Northwood Montessori will write a letter to receiving schools, after completion of Kindergarten,  describing the child’s academic, social and emotional level.
Are there any independent studies to show how children in Montessori benefit from the method?
How long should a child stay at Montessori to get the best outcome?
To get the absolute best from the program, the child should stay at least through their Kindergarten year.  This is the year of fruition and most exciting work is done at age 5.
How can I choose between schools that all claim to be Montessori?
We suggest that parents educate themselves about the various Montessori accreditation associations. There is also advice on our Resources and LInks page on this website.
Do you offer any extra-curricular classes?
Upon consideration and staffing Spanish Classes are offered after school hours.
How big is the school?
Northwood Montessori is licensed for 91 children.
What are the demographics of the school?
Northwood Montessori population is representative of children from around the world. Families come from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Can children attend 3 days a week?
Northwood Montessori adheres to AMI guidelines and only offers a 5 day per week program.
What does the daily schedule look like?
The children begin to arrive at 8.30am , After greeting the teacher the children choose activities according to interest and ability.  They choose freely from areas which include practical life, sensorial, cultural, art, music, math, language and science activities. During this time the teacher/guide works with the children individually or in small groups.  Around 11.30 am the children put away their work and come to group. Activities in group vary. It might be, music, singing, stories, sharing or a  birthday celebration. After this group,  the children go outside to play. At 12 noon, some children go home or to the Home Environment Room. The children who are in extended day have their lunch, do their afternoon jobs and the afternoon work period starts. There are usually individual or group activities both student chosen and teacher directed, primarily academic in nature. At 2.45pm the children either  go home or to  the Home Environment Room.
At what age can I expect my child to transition from primary to extended day?
While each child is different, typically between the age of 4 and 5
What is the average tenure of a teacher at Northwood Montessori?
In recent history, Northwood Montessori guides have stayed until retirement.  Northwood Montessori  was then able to support former parents and assistants to become Montessori  guides joining our teaching staff with up to 18 years teaching experience at our school.