After  graduating  from Edinburgh University – English Language and  Literature M.A.(Hons),  I started a career working in Social and  Community Services for children and adults with physical and learning disabilities in Canada, London and New Orleans.   After my family moved to Houston in 1999, I began to look for a pre-school for my oldest son. My husband had seen a documentary about the Montessori Method of education many years ago and wanted our son to go to a Montessori school.  We looked into the many local Montessori pre-schools, however, at my observation at Northwood Montessori School AMI I realized that I was looking at something completely different to all the other schools I had visited.   I was astounded and delighted  by the joy, harmony, peace and love of work that was so evident in the activity of the classroom.  I immediately enrolled my eldest son and later my youngest son.

Fascinated by everything I saw at Northwood Montessori in my years as a parent , I later applied to become a classroom assistant.  Ten years later, when my sons were older, I was able to fulfill my dream of earning my Montessori AMI Primary Diploma at the Maria Montessori Institute in London. It was a truly transformative experience. Montessori   philosophy speaks to me  both intellectually and spiritually, so I consider myself most privileged  to have  taken this journey  into the Montessori Method at Northwood Montessori as a parent, classroom assistant and finally a guide.  I hope to spend many more years continuing to immerse myself in all things Montessori.


My favorite quotation by Maria Montessori :

The secret of life is congenial work.
Work is purposeful activity.
Man is the foremost worker in creation.
Man’s work has changed the face of the earth.