Our three children (fifteen, fourteen, and nine years old now) started their academic education at Northwood Montessori when they were three. It gave them a very strong foundation for their future education, teaching them the love of learning, yearning for discovery, and perseverance to master skills in a loving environment. We looked through many schools before deciding on Northwood Montessori.

It is a unique setting in which highly-qualified teachers guide children in a soft-spoken and predictable atmosphere which gives kids the opportunity to use their freedom within well-established limits to make wise decisions, to treat others kindly, as well as to master self-discipline and skills according to their own psychological development. Our children, now in high school, middle school, and elementary still remember with a smile the moveable alphabet, bird watching, the quiet lunch times outdoors, and the Festival of Nations.

They still keep in touch with friends they made during those early years at Northwood and love to go back and visit their old teachers whenever they can. As parents, we look back with nostalgia to those years at Northwood, and feel eternally grateful for having had the opportunity of such a fine education during those influential years in our children’s lives. It definitively made an enormous difference!